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For those who thought that the Slow Food movement means long-cooked casseroles or overnight smouldering barbeque pits, you are not wrong, but there is so much more to the story. We love and support slow made food that takes a lovingly long time to grow, cook and eat, but Slow Food also has a spirit. “Good, clean and fair food for all”: these are the principles on which the Slow Food movement was founded in 1986 on the Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy, by Carlo Petrini as a protest to the opening of a McDonald’s. In the simplest sense Slow Food is the opposite of Fast Food.

Our Farmers Markets

At the heart of Slow Food Melbourne is a Farmers' Market for Makers & Growers.
Twice a month we host Markets in Spotswood and West Footscray. Here you can find the essence of slow food - quality home grown fruits and vegetables, organic pork, local distilleries and much more.

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Upcoming Slow Food Markets

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Slow Food for a healthier future